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    The Breakfast Show That Has Changed The Face Of Tourism



    The tourists arrived. It was late night Friday. Exhausted, the large crowd, moved into their various chalets, naturally, it didn’t take long before one after another, they drifted off to sleep.

    For everyone, the Saturday activities specified breakfast, play and rest, with an evening bonfire. And this was the information on the room table in all of the acquired chalets.

    So this particular Saturday morning, one after the other, the tourists filed out from the chalets, into the open grounds of the 65 acres La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort. From the beach front luxury homes at Obailerigi, Kodi, Obieze, Laba, to the lagoon water homes of Oso, Etisho and the forest homes of Anago, Amosan, and Ilerimi, each location offering a different view of the resort for each of the tourists, who came from different parts of the world. China had a representation, India was among, some of the ladies were Italians, so Europe was there, well represented, Africans were among and so were people from Brazil and so on. Professionals, Businessmen and women, Artistes, Models and so on.



    This morning, the tourists were in for a huge surprise because, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, was ready to showcase, one of it’s best offerings to the guests and which is: The Morning Breakfast Show!

    La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, prides itself for having an array of some of the best chefs, and that’s because, food and mealtimes here, are special moments and it comes in varieties, with great display and ceremonies. You can actually sit, watch your food cooked, while being entertained by cultural troupes! And that has a special restaurant known as the Yoru’Bar, which is located at a part of the resort!

    You can also have an a la carte, wherever you want it, at the vast beach resort grounds. In front of the ocean, in the forest, by the pool side, you just name it. With buffet options, breakfast is served at different locations on different days at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort. No dull moment.

    And this morning, the buffet was well laid out at the shore of the Lagoon with opportunity to eat with your feet inside the lagoon water! Ofcourse, it is novel, and sounded attractive to the tourists, who gladly indulge right away, with personal cell phones to capture the scene to share immediately with friends across the world, and for future memories.

    At the sight of people in the Lagoon, one of the tourists said to the young man next to him: “Wow, wish I didn’t wear a shirt and trouser to breakfast, I feel like a swim already.



    “Your chalet is not far away, you can always walk back and change into something else,” replied the other.

    Truly the lagoon water was teasing swimmers for a bath this cool Saturday morning. Moreso, with local fishermen right on the other side of the lagoon floating in sync with the rhythmic moves of their task of catching fishes. At another part of the lagoon, further down, some locals were right in there, playing in the water. And directly opposite the lagoon, where the tourists sat this morning for breakfast, was the blue Atlantic ocean, with its noisy rushing waves, splashing musically on the shore of the ocean!

    A sumptuous buffet, with cheerful staff waiting to offer any needed assistance or help information. The tourists took their turns at the stretched out buffet amidst phone calls and selfies, savouring the outdoor breakfast moment.

    As they were settling down to their meal, Atunda Entertainment, an in-house dance troupe entertained starting with African gyration, songs that transport the mind, to native African villages, awakening the African bones, stirring the spirit and souls of African communism, recalling the African history, the African ways of life and before one knows it, the guests are motivated, inspired to dance, to gyrate, to identify with their ancestral beats of the African drums, as it speaks to them, in a language only understood by the African soul and blood.

    It’s so beautiful, so colourful that even the Chinese, the Indians, spurred by the excitement of the moment, join to dance and gyrate to the African songs and drum beats after finishing their meal.



    At this point, more people were rounding up their meal. The selfies continued, because for each of the tourists, it was vital to save, and document the moment, the feeling and the experience.

    Meanwhile more activities rolled out on the lagoon. The tourists were either dancing to Atunda’s gyration or watching the morning breafast show taking place before them, from their dinning seats with their cell phone cameras snapping or recording, or taking part in one of the water sport activities on the lagoon.

    The tourists queued to take part in riding the kayak, or going on a boat ride or cruise on the lagoon. Some even chose to have their full breakfast in a floating boat on the lagoon! So much fun for one morning breakfast! But that’s what the breakfast show at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is about. You can float, eating on the lagoon for a full hour, and return to join Atunda Entertainment gyration on land by the lagoon.

    And more options of fun stared the tourists in their faces! The La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort horses were already out at 8am, waiting for riders! All five beautiful stallion, and there was a gathering queue there too, as the tourists rode on horses around the breafast area, down to the other side of the ocean and back to the lagoon.

    Some had in the course of the breakfast morning show, danced, rode kayak, even gone on boat cruise and had moved on to beach sports, volley ball, football, all by the lagoon.

    So much to do, all on one morning breakfast show!

    And it was not over, because awaiting the tourists, was a joyful ride on the resort’s power bikes! A great fun going on presently. A speed ride on the lagoon area, the beach front and on the shores of the ocean!

    I could hear many of the tourists screaming in excitement, and telling each other that, no where in the world could such amazing fun be found in one place! But at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, the morning breakfast show offer, is just but a tip of the iceberg, for what the resort is capable of offering guests!

    With about 200 waiting activities, sports and games, the resort is always on top of any expectations of visiting guests, couples or group lodgers.

    The fun is unlimited and guests are even offered an opportunity to be on television set of the resort’s television programme, Tourism Half Hour, which is broadcasted around the world!

    I could see the delight on the faces of the tourists, refreshed in the natural endowed environment of the resort, as they indulged in one activity or another.

    As usual, it has been a full morning breakfast show of good meal, good company for local and international networking, good exercise and relaxation for the body. The breakfast show that has come to change the face of tourism!


    HMCA 2024 to gather Tourism Minister, 400 African hoteliers, 15 African countries in Lagos



    HMCA 2024 to gather Tourism Minister, 400 African hoteliers, 15 African countries in Lagos

    The stage is set this week for the opening of this year’s annual Hotel Managers and Conference and Awards (HMCA) 2024, with Lola Ade-John, Nigerian Tourism Minister, leading delegates from over 15 African countries and 400 participants across Nigeria to Lagos for the hospitality industry gathering.

    It will be held from July 13 -14, 2024 at the Lagos Continental Hotel, with the theme; Innovative Strategies: Nurturing Resilience and Excellence in Guest Experience in African Hospitality.

    Ade-John is the chief host and is expected to deliver an address to the August gathering on Nigeria’s agenda for the industry, while over 400 participants from across Nigeria are signed up for the two-day gathering. For the first time, the event will attract delegates from African countries with over 15 countries registered for the event.

    The countries include; Kenya, Botswana, Uganda, Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, and Rwanda. Also, attending the event are delegates from the United Kingdom.

    It is the sixth edition of the yearly conference convened by Olugbenga Omotayo Sunday, director general, Hotel Managers Conference – Africa.

    According to Sunday, ‘‘The Hotel Managers Conference and Awards was envisioned for hotel managers in Africa for skills upgrade, networking and hotel job opportunities.

    ‘‘It recognises the important roles hotel staff play in sustaining standards in Africa and globally. Hence, the conference seeks to upgrade hotel business operations in Nigeria and Africa to match what is obtainable in other hotels internationally.’’

    “Our core focus is building capacities in the human resources across hospitality brands in Africa both international and Indigenous brands, in administration and general operations standards.’’

    On the choice of the theme for this year, Sunday, who is also lead consultant at Tojum Hospitality, noted, “In the dynamic landscape of hospitality, innovation becomes the cornerstone for fostering resilience and achieving excellence in guest experience. This conference will unravel groundbreaking strategies that go beyond conventional approaches.

    ‘‘From harnessing cutting-edge technologies to cultivating a resilient mindset, attendees will explore how innovation becomes the catalyst for elevating guest experiences to unprecedented levels.’’

    Some of the speakers expected at the conference’s panel sessions include; Karl Hala, group general manager, Continental Hotels in Nigeria; Olufemi Abayomi, CEO/founder, Nethermentor, regional chairman, Institute of Hospitality (UK) Nigeria Region; Lydia Akuna, lecturer, Department of Hotel and Hospitality Management, Moi University-Eldoret, Kenya; Michael Pinder, general manager, JS Signature Hotel, Port Harcourt; Ekene Nnabuihe, group chief executive officer, Boulevard Hotel Group Lagos; Justina Ovat, national president, Women In Hospitality Nigeria; Molly Apion, chairperson, Hotel General Manager’s Association, Uganda and general manager, Arch Apartments and Hotel, Uganda; and Amir M. Adamu, founder and executive director, Hospitality Innovation and Leadership Forum, Cameroon.

    The conference, which will climax with the Hotel Managers Awards Night, on the second day of the event, has as headline sponsor; LG Electronics Nigeria and idsnext as co-headline sponsor as well while other sponsors include; Lagos Continental, Providus Bank, Radisson Hotel Group, Wakanow, Old English, BusyRooms, Nigerian Bottling Company, Ikogosi Resorts, Presken Hotels Group, Eko Hotels and Suites and Bizedge.

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    Afropolis, a 9 day cultural event set to hold in Lagos



    Afropolis, a 9 day cultural event set to hold in Lagos

    In partnership with a dance company, Q Dance, Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture would be staging a cultural event tagged:”Afropolis” which would run for 9 days at Onikan, Lagos Island.

    According to the lead organiser of the event and brain behind Q Dance, Qudus Onikeku, at a town hall meeting held at J.Randle Centre for Yoruba Culture and History, Onikan, on Wednesday, 10th July 2024, the event which would be running between October 26th and November 3rd, would be a world-class cultural event that would showcase talents, ideas and creativity in which technology would also play a key role.

    Speaking further, Onikeku explained that his Q Dance Company is a pre-eminent creative agency that uses dance, music and creativity as capacities for human development, operating as a community centre in Lagos, Nigeria. And it, therefore, was not a surprise that Onikeku could come up with such a concept like Afropolis in collaboration with the Lagos State Government.

    Explaining the concept of Afropolis further, Onikeku said, ” it is proposing an Afrocentric technocultural approach for future making, through collaboration between emerging technologies and emerging artists, who perceive technology not as a solution but as a tool for understanding and imagining a balanced future.”

    And on collaborating with the Lagos State Government on the project, Onikeku rationalised that, ” sincerely, this is an idea and project that we cannot execute alone due to the huge financial implications. I appreciate Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu, through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture for being a partner. This indicates a government that is ready to support the youths and help them grow.”

    In her keynote address towards the tail end of the town hall meeting, the Lagos State Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mrs. Toke Benson-Awoyinka, emphasised that, “Afropolis is not just an event; it is a celebration of our rich cultural heritage, creativity, and innovation. It is a platform where African creatives can come together to showcase their talents, exchange ideas, and collaborate on groundbreaking projects. This festival is a testament to the vibrant and dynamic spirit of our continent.”

    Speaking further, the elegant Commissioner asserted that, “Lagos, as the host city, is proud to be at the forefront of this cultural revolution. Our city is renowned as the largest black cultural melting pot in the world, and we continue to lead in various creative sectors such as music, fashion, gaming, tech, design, film, dance, AI, and research. Our young talents are making significant strides on the global stage, and events like Afropolis provide them with the visibility and opportunities they deserve.

    “Over the past few years, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture has been committed to supporting and nurturing our creative industries. We have made significant investments in infrastructure, such as renovating key cultural sites and establishing new venues for arts and performances. These efforts ensure that our artists have the platforms they need to thrive.

    “The essence of AFROPOLIS lies in its ability to bring together a diverse array of creative minds. Imagine the vibrant fusion of traditional and modern expressions that will be on display, from indigenous crafts to cutting-edge digital art. This melting pot of ideas and talents promises to be an unforgettable experience for both participants and attendees.

    “As we gather here today, it is also important to reflect on the historical significance of Onikan. This area has long been a cultural hub, and hosting Afropolis here is a fitting tribute to its legacy. The J.Randle Centre for Yoruba Culture and History, in particular, stands as a beacon of our rich heritage and offers the perfect backdrop for this celebration.” She explained.

    There was a question and answer session before the town hall meeting moderated by popular stand-up comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka, came to a close.

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    Lagos to hold pan-African carnival, ‘Afropolis’, to boost tourism



    Lagos to hold pan-African carnival, ‘Afropolis’, to boost tourism

    The Lagos State Government is set to hold the maiden edition of a pan-African carnival, ‘Afropolis’, for the promotion of black cultural heritage, creativity and innovation.

    Mrs Toke Benson-Awoyinka, the state Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, who disclosed this during a Town Hall meeting in Lagos, said the Ministry was collaborating with Qudus Onikeku, a multimodal international artiste.

    She said the goal of Afropolis, slated for Oct. 26 to Nov. 3, was to foster collaboration, inspire innovation, celebrate the diverse traditions and creativity of Africa as well as boost tourism.

    Benson-Awoyinka said the carnival was a platform for African creatives to come together to showcase their talents, exchange ideas and collaborate on groundbreaking projects as well as create truly unique things.

    According to her, the festival will feature a curated marketplace, traditional and contemporary performances, exhibitions, and much more.

    She said it would bring together creatives, innovators, and enthusiasts from across the continent and beyond, thereby boosting tourism.

    “Afropolis is not just an event but a celebration of our rich cultural heritage, creativity, and innovation of Lagos state.

    “Lagos, as the host city, is proud to be at the forefront of this cultural revolution. Our city is renowned as the largest black cultural melting pot in the world, and we continue to lead in various creative sectors such as music, fashion, gaming, tech, design, film, dance, AI, and research.

    “Our young talents are making significant strides on the global stage, and events like Afropolis provide them with the visibility and opportunities they deserve.

    “The essence of Afropolis lies in its ability to bring together a diverse array of creative minds.

    “Imagine the vibrant fusion of traditional and modern expressions that will be on display, from indigenous crafts to cutting-edge digital art,” she said.

    According to her, Afropolis will be held at J.Randle Centre for Yoruba Culture and History, located around the Onikan suburb of Lagos, known as the third coolest neighbourhood in the world in 2019.

    She explained that the Afropolis carnival would transform Onikan’s main street—J. Randle Road—into a vibrant hub of artistic and technological excellence.

    Giving more details on the event, Onikeku said that Afropolis would be a pan-African gathering of creatives and curious people.

    According to him, it seeks to promote African culture for economic competitiveness.

    Highlighting programmes of the nine-day event, Onikeku said Afropolis would feature a maker fair, pop up fashion stores, arts and craft market and live performances.

    He said that other features included street arts, street food, street vendors, music concerts, Djsets, master classes, meetings and networking other speed pitches.

    “The rest are talks and round tables, gaming, innovation, exhibition, children playground and urban culture display,” he said.

    According to him, Afropolis will also see a range of smaller break-outs as well as highly interactive sessions and master classes focused on topics across creative sectors.

    Onikeku said: “It is projected that Afropolis will attract more than 1,000 creatives and exhibitors from aArica and the diaspora.

    “We also expect more than 20,000 visitors, buyers and delegates from Africa, the diaspora and the rest of the world.

    “It provides a platform for young talents to showcase their ideas, and stimulate economic growth for local vendors, artisans and global African creatives to showcase their product or services.

    “It will position Lagos as a hub for technology, creativity and innovation by leveraging the festival to showcase African advancements in art, tech, gaming, design, fashion and other creative fields.”

    He said that Afropolis would ensure that creatives were able to meet and network, and also meet with buyers, potential partners and investors.

    Onikeku said Afropolis had the potential to ensure long-term economic and cultural benefits for local businesses and residents.

    Michael Deecan, Netherlands Consul General in Nigeria, said, “This is a laudable initiative and I am looking forward to the event in October.”

    Also, Blessing Azubike, Senior Programmes Manager, CC Hub, one of the partners for the carnival, expressed excitement being on the project.

    Azubike said, “We are passionate about anything co-creation which is what we are on board to do, we will be serving on the technology component of the gathering.”

    Ajibade Adewale, Group Head, Partnerships, Wema Bank, assured revellers of safety with their finances in the course of business transactions during Afropolis carnival.

    “We will ensure your transaction is taken care of digitally, we are also there to guarantee that your money is safe with CC Hub because we are partnering with them as well.”

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