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    10 most dangerous cities in the world for tourists



    There are places in the world that theoretically have everything an average tourist needs — interesting history, interesting monuments, beaches and restaurants where you can eat something good.

    Unfortunately, they are also among the most dangerous parts of our globe. Their list is regularly published by Numbeo, a website founded in 2009 by Serbian programmer, Mladen Adamovic, which provides data on the standard of living around the world.

    Do you want to go there? You go at your own risk!

    1. Fortaleza, Brazil — Crime Index: 76.6

    Fantastic beaches with golden sand are one of the hallmarks of the town in northeastern Brazil. Plus delicious seafood and Mercado Central – a bazaar where you can buy local products. Unfortunately, it is just as easy to lose your wallet here, and attacks on tourists are not uncommon.

    2. Salvador, Brazil — Crime Index: 76.7

    The richly decorated interior of the São Francisco Church is truly stunning, just like sunsets on Porto da Barra beach. However, returning in the evening may not be the most pleasant. And you simply cannot survive an armed robbery.

    3. Port Elizabeth, South Africa — Crime Index: 77.0

    It is known that elephants can be dangerous. But a trip to Addo Elephant National Park can be a real respite from your stay in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Robberies are common on the streets of this city, and even a visit to the dazzling King’s Beach may not alleviate the feeling of danger.

    4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — Crime Index: 77.6

    A city of gigantic contrasts, famous for the statue of Christ the Redeemer on the top of Mount Corcovado, from where you can admire the panorama of the city. It may be worse if we go down to the city itself. Thefts, robberies, drug dealers — tons of books have been written and kilometres of films have been shot about the dark side of the local favelas. You can relax by visiting the famous Copacabana beach.

    5. San Pedro Sula, Honduras — Crime Index: 80.2

    San Pedro Sula is not a very well-known tourist resort. And it’s no wonder, because the gangs roaming here can effectively scare away potential visitors, especially since they offer attractions such as robberies and extortion.

    However, if someone would like to risk a visit, they can sneak over to Parque Central — the central square in San Pedro Sula, surrounded by cafes and shops. Or you can relax by going to the nearby Parque Nacional Cusuco — it is a national park that offers beautiful views.

    6. Johannesburg, South Africa — Crime Index: 80.8

    The city is famous for its fight against apartheid. It was here that the man who became its symbol – Nelson Mandela – lived. You can visit his house in Johannesburg — in the Soweto district. It is also worth visiting Gold Reef City. This is an amusement park related to the history of gold mining, offering many attractions, including a casino. Unfortunately, what you win can be easily lost, because the city is famous for robberies and thefts.

    7. Durban, South Africa — Crime Index: 80.8

    uShaka Beach is a charming place that impresses not only with its beautiful coast, but also with many attractions. Durban Botanic Gardens is the oldest botanical garden in Africa where you can admire beautiful plants and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Of course, until someone likes your iPhone or camera. And such events are not rare here.

    8. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea — Crime Index: 80.8

    If you like observing exotic birds, a visit to Varirata National Park may be something for you — there is no shortage of stunningly colourful parrots here. The problem is that if you live in nearby Port Moresby, you can expect different experiences. Thefts, assaults, robberies? Everything is in place. Moreover, the loot is easy to hide here. Papua New Guinea is twice the size of Great Britain.

    9. Pretoria, South Africa — Crime Index: 82.0

    If you are a fan of renting apartments for holidays, it is worth knowing that this may not be the best idea for your stay in Pretoria, South Africa. Home burglaries are one of the top crimes in Pretoria and if you go to see the Voortrekker Monument (an impressive monument commemorating the Boer settlers) or the local botanical garden, you may find that your belongings are gone for good.

    10. Caracas, Venezuela — Crime Index: 86.0

    Undisputed number 1 on the list of the most dangerous cities in the world. Assaults, thefts, disappearing cars — you can count on this type of “attractions” here. Is it still worth taking the risk and seeing the local Museum of Fine Arts with a rich collection of works of art from around the world, the cathedral and the nearby Waraira Repano National Park? Decide for yourself.

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    Nigeria, UAE to Strengthen Partnership, Collaboration



    Nigeria, UAE to Strengthen Partnership, Collaboration

    Plans are underway to further strengthen areas of partnership and collaboration between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    This was revealed during the visit of the Chairman/CEO, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM), Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa to the Embassy of UAE in Abuja, following the removal of the visa ban by placed on Nigeria by the Arab country.

    Dabiri-Erewa who was received by the UAE Ambassador to Nigeria, Salem Saeed Al-Shamsi, stated that NiDCOM intends to engage and sensitise Nigerians in the UAE to be good ambassadors of their country of stay and country of origin, to excel in whatever they are doing and never to forget home.

    She added further “this initiative aims to foster better understanding and compliance with local regulations,” while disclosing that 190 Nigerians were repatriated to Nigeria, with an additional 250 expected to return soon.

    She said the actions of individuals in a host country could greatly impact the overall image of their home country, noting that the role of Western media imperialism in perpetuating negative stereotypes about Nigerians.

    The UAE Envoy on his part, explained that the visa ban on Nigeria has been officially lifted.

    He confirmed that the Visa on Arrival policy has been canceled for all countries, but assured that the new procedures are designed to facilitate tourism and ensure travelers’ safe return.

    The Ambassador expressed his commitment to providing the best possible services for Nigerians, with the support of the determined Nigerian government.

    He also acknowledged the UAE’s role in safely repatriating 96 Nigerians at no cost.

    Marking his one-year anniversary as the UAE Ambassador to Nigeria, Al-Shamsi shared his positive impressions of Nigeria, describing it as a beautiful country with warm-hearted people who share similar cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds with the UAE.

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    UAE to Resume Issuance of Visas to Nigerians from Today—FG



    UAE to Resume Issuance of Visas to Nigerians from Today—FG

    The federal government has disclosed that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has agreed to lift the travel ban on Nigerians from Monday, July 15, 2024.

    The Minister of Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mr Mohammed Idris, told State House correspondents in Abuja today that both nations reached an agreement to allow Nigerian passport holders to obtain visas for travel to the country.

    Recall that about two years ago, the government of UAE suspended visa issuance to Nigerians following a period of protracted diplomatic row.

    Last year, the Special Adviser to President Bola Tinubu on Media and Publicity, Mr Ajuri Ngelale, claimed that the travel ban was lifted until the Arab nation denied it.

    A few months ago, the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Mr Festus Keyamo, said efforts were being made to resolve the issues and ensure Emirates Airline resumes flight operations in Nigeria.

    It was stated that the Emirates would resume the Lagos-Dubai flights from October 1, 2024.

    Ahead of this scheduled flight resumption, Mr Idris said Nigerians with the green passport would now be issued visas by the UAE government.

    The Information Minister made the announcement after the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting held on Monday at the Presidential Villa.

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    Minister Leads Nigeria’s Delegation To 121st UN Tourism Executive Council



    Nigeria has joined 11 other elected African member countries to participate at the 121st session of the United Nations Tourism Executive Council held in Barcelona, Spain.

    According to the Ministry of Tourism statement, the country was represented by the Minister, Lola Ade-John, as the event further ‘reinforces Nigeria’s commitment to advancing global tourism.’

    The Council, which meets biannually, serves as the governing body of UN Tourism. In collaboration with the Secretary-General, the Council is responsible for making pivotal decisions on various aspects of the organization and its initiatives, which are subsequently presented to the General Assembly for ratification.

    The ministry further disclosed that Nigeria’s presence in the Executive Council ‘highlights the nation’s growing influence and dedication to promoting tourism as a key driver of economic growth, cultural exchange, and sustainable development.’

    Remarking, the minister, Lola Ade-John, expressed her gratitude for Nigeria’s role in the Council and reaffirmed Nigeria’s commitment to contributing to the global tourism agenda.
    “Our participation in the UN Tourism Executive Council is a testament to Nigeria’s vibrant tourism sector and our dedication to fostering international cooperation in tourism. We look forward to working closely with other member states to promote sustainable tourism practices that benefit all,” she said.

    The Nigerian minister further emphasized the country’s ongoing initiatives to enhance its tourism infrastructure, improve visitor experiences, and protect its cultural and natural heritage. Nigeria’s active participation in the UN Tourism Executive Council will further these efforts, providing valuable opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange with other leading nations in the tourism sector.

    Continuing, the minister stressed that as the country ’embarks on this new chapter within UN Tourism, it remains committed to leveraging its rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and hospitality to attract tourists from around the world, contributing to the global tourism industry’s growth and sustainability.’

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